Email Marketing: An Efficient Tool for Businesses in Nepal

November 16, 2015

Email marketing is getting a noteworthy space and evolving in the form of direct online marketing especially in the sectors like hospitality business, manpower and trading companies. Moreover, nowadays internet access through mobile phones has made easier to read such email in leisure time too.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. It is an economical way to reach and also build good business development with customers. Promotional emails related to product, sending out regularly published newsletters, sending email about special schemes or discount offers etcetera comes under email marketing.

How it works?

First step after crafting the message is to find potential recipients. Marketers can consult specific email marketing service providers which exist simply to find recipients – customers interested in receiving promotional emails and organize their information into lists. The service providers also check out the measurability and effectiveness of the email among the recipients.

Also, businesses can use email marketing software that can record important statistics. MailChimp is one kind of Email Service Provider (ESP), which helps marketers send bulk emails to potential recipients by managing subscriber lists, build email campaigns and review campaign reports.

Components of Successful Email Marketing

The most important component for building a successful list is to get permission from subscribers – recipients who want to receive your emails. In Nepal, email marketing is in an initial stage, so people are not concerned about taking permission to send the email to recipients. After tracking the potential recipients, the businesses send the email randomly to each of them. “However, people who haven’t given you permission are much more likely to report your emails as spam, which can become a real problem,” says Sitaram Rimal, Director of Weblink Nepal, an IT company.

It is better not to make email recipients go through too much text to get to the point of the message. You need to make your content concise and clear. “The email sent to the customer should be very appealing and creatively designed, otherwise there are high chances that the mail will be simply trashed by the reader.” says Santosh Shrestha, President of Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN). Subject should be written in such a way that with a quick glimpse, the customers can easily scan the content of the emails.

Frequency of the email is another important thing. The frequency should depend on the objective of the business. For an example if a business has to inform about its three months sales offer, it can remind the customer once in a month.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing campaign is extremely helpful to the business which has limited and targeted customers. “It can be a useful tool for companies to keep in touch with potential customers for the technical and electronic items,” says Santosh Shrestha. He adds “In such items, good catalogs and brochures can provide more information than retail sales person provide.” Cost effectiveness, worldwide reach etcetera are some basic advantages of it.

It was around six years ago email was started as a tool of marketing in Nepal. “There is no official data regarding the number of email marketers but it is estimated that around one per cent business use email marketing to promote their product or service,” says Sitaram Rimal. In today’s world, marketing is not only about keeping the product in the minds of the people but also building community with the people. If email marketing is carried out well by fulfilling all the components and standards, this can be a perfect way to develop enhancing relationships with customers.

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