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November 5, 2015

40% of Nepal’s population consists of the youth and significant number of these youth are connected to each other through various social media platforms and networks. But these social media platforms have proven to be more useful for activities besides “making friends”. They have become excellent sites of marketing and business.

Making Facebook pages and promoting ones business online is definitely a bonus-marketing move but the scope of online businesses through social media sites has taken a leap higher. With individual “online” based businesses growing rapidly we are not just talking about Facebook anymore. Launched in 2010, the photo-sharing app Instagram has created hype among the youth. This easy to use application allows users to share photos with captions and tags. With over 100 online stores being based in Kathmandu itself, the use of the app has opened up a lot of possibilities and opportunities for online-based small-scale businesses as it continues to grow due to the versatile nature of its use.

As bizarre as the concept of businesses starting up at the internet sound, it works great in the context of Nepal where most individual stores aren’t able to start up or work on their own websites due to outrageous costs at managing them. Well, if you’re still wondering why this particular approach is better, let’s just get the points straight:

  • These account are very easy to create, manage and run. (It’s similar to opening a new account on any social media and posting about stuff. Only, here you post, promote and talk all about your store.)
  • They require minimal budget, as there is no renting, interior designing or extra manpower costs. (Like posting free ads of your goods, through photos)
  • Easy policies are definitely the chief attraction of social media based online business. They have a no return, no exchange, and no refund policy. So, you don’t need to worry about any hassles that are likely to come forth.
  • They are very flexible to run. You can simply manage and do it in your own time. No rush or pressure involved.

The main reason this works out so well is because it’s targeted towards the youth. Not only are they the group of people continuously involved in social media but also they’re the next gen of shoppers and owners of these small-scale businesses, who always have an open shot towards pushing the limits.

Now don’t rush into assuming that these kinds of business are restricted in terms of services. These sites are open for promotion of all kinds of goods, right from clothing and accessories to technology and food. You can order a dress, a cake, or even invite a beautician or florist to beautify things. In countries like Nepal, online business is not just for short-term promotion and marketing, it is a bonus to existing businesses and an open ground for others to start. So, the next time you want to get something, try visiting an Instagram based store, for a unique experience of luxury on your fingertips. If you have, share with us your experiences and views about how it is?

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