The football-ish affair

December 4, 2015

While the core concept of football remains the same with two goal keepers, a central spot and two goal posts, the differences in the new forms of football are definitely striking and more appealing.

Small and more compact seem to be the current trending affair. Right from cell phones to beauty standards everyone is hyped up with small and smaller. Joining the club of small is one of the worlds most loved sport: football. People have adored the game for decades now, and smaller and more flexible forms of it are arising here in Nepal too.

Let’s talk about Futsal. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ of futsal is known to all and with a number of Futsals rising around the valley, football enthusiasts have found it easier to play the sport that they so enjoy. Futsal breaks the contemporary idea of playing in a large outdoor ground. The grounds need to be booked and paid-for on an hourly basis.

There is a special table dedicated to a sport in some sports bars, ‘game zones’ and even futsal venues that is uniquely used. It isn’t used for holding up your plates or glasses. In fact you can find groups of people hovering over it and intensely watching it. What is so special about this particular table? Well, people play a form of football on it. Also known as Foosball or Table Football, it is an indoor sport where players attempt to make goals using a rotating bar, which contains the players. Football no longer remains a just “feet” sport as, in this form of football the control of the ball solely lies in a person’s ability to control it using his hands. The game is so famous there are international matches like World Cup, which takes place annually. The sport seems to have spread around quite quickly and Nepal is no exception. But it still has a lot of time to reach the height that this other form of football has reached in Nepal.

Both these form of sport have created a booming new scope for business, with eager players. Futsal venues charge around NPR. 1,000 to 2,000 per hour with round the clock groups of players flocking the venues. Corporate matches, inter college or inter group matches are other aspects of futsal games that Nepalese people have been warmly embraced. On the other hand foosball games are charged on an hourly basis for a mere amount of around NPR. 50 to 100. If you happen to be lucky, you’ll find that in some places such as futsal venues and even sports bars, you can actually play the game for free.

Futsal and foosball both appeal to people of all age group and both sexes. You can find a group of young teenagers grouping up for foosball game or middle-aged men gearing up for a futsal match just for fun. So get up and get your hands and feet moving! A little fun and recreation never hurts. After all, all work and no play makes Jack and dull boy.

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