Author: Paris

Illustrator & Comic Artist Interview: Kripa Joshi

March 19, 2017
Kripa Joshi, competed her BFA in Painting and MFA in Illustration. She started making comics and developing a character of Miss Moti around 2005. Her work has also been featured in different platforms. Miss Moti and Cotton Candy was published on The Guardian and other platform such as BuzzFeed, Daily Mail have also featured parts of Miss Moti.


Photography Nepal | Close & Wide Angles

September 26, 2016
As people started addressing the potential of photography; photographers started channeling their creativity into specific genre and specializing in them. We talked with 8 renowned and professional Nepali photographers to understand the Nepali photography industry through their perspective.


The football-ish affair

December 4, 2015

While the core concept of football remains the same with two goal keepers, a central spot and two goal posts, the differences in the new forms of football are definitely striking and more appealing.


The Online Store #Social site #Instagram

November 5, 2015

40% of Nepal’s population consists of the youth and significant number of these youth are connected to each other through various social media platforms and networks. But these social media platforms have proven to be more useful for activities besides “making friends”. They have become excellent sites of marketing and business.