Career boosters in the early 20s’

August 20, 2016

A walk down the memory lane takes me back to all the milestones I’ve crossed in my career till date. It all started back at the age of 18 and now in my mid 20s’, I have the experience of working in five different organizations. But this frequent swing from one place to the other often made me question my career choices. It used to make me skeptical and agitated about my career ahead.

However as I reflect upon it now, I have to admit that the frequent swing from one organization to another has helped me to a great extent. Every organization is different and in this diversity I was able to develop the perspective to understand the organizational culture of places I was working at. The exposure and experience gave me more insight of different professions and helped me enhance my interpersonal skills.


Summing up from my experience, here are some benefits of job-hopping.

Helps figure out what you want in life               

If you feel that the job you are currently involved in is not giving you a growth as a person, it is useless to dwell in the same place. To gain productivity in your work, it is always good to look for better options. One benefit while starting out is that you’re not loaded with huge responsibilities. So, it is easier and flexible for you to move in or out. 20’s is all about experimenting and looking for what you actually want in life. So, don’t be afraid to go for opportunities that can help you grow.


More and more learning

Every time you go for a new job, you learn a new set of skills, new ways of working, new rules and so on. These collective experiences together make great career lessons for life. Like Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Learning is the only thing that the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets.”


Keeps one humble          

Shifting workplaces gives you different experiences that helps you reflect upon yourself constantly. Often by human tendency we tend to consider some work to be more important than the others. Job hopping helps you see and appreciate work as it is with an unbiased perspective.


Career advancement

I believe job hoppers can be higher performers, as they believe in creating a lasting impression rather than proving their loyalty over a period of time. Working for a short period in different workplaces makes it necessary for us to keep our value intact in the market, which helps us grow and achieve more continuously. As job hoppers, one is more open-minded and willing to take risks and perceive things from different angles, this could lead them to some turning point in their careers, benefiting them in the long run.­­­­­


Additional perks or increment in pay        

Once you complete a year of service in an organization, you expect promotion and increment in your remuneration, based on your performance during the period of time. As a staff that has been around for a long time, the organization can make several excuses regarding your increment and promotion. Yet, if you apply for another organization, your skills could get recognized and appreciated which may reward you with a higher title and ample earnings at the same organization or elsewhere.


Pushes the limit

In a work environment where one has been around for long time, there is a tendency to become unproductive. Changing workplaces will push you out of your comfort zones and demand you to work in conditions you are unfamiliar with. This will push you forward as you test your own limits motivating you to continuously give in your 100 percent.


Prospects for networking

Job-hopping gives you an opportunity to widen your network in different fields of expertise. It gives you a more like-minded circle. It helps in developing new relationships.


Creating responsibilities for yourself is a key quality you must develop in order to ‘own your career’. As an ambitious and open-minded person, it is better to take an initiative to move over to where you feel the grass is greenest.

Meanwhile, while switching to new jobs, we should always keep in mind that we move forward with a purpose.  


After all, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” 

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