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Choosing Between Right and Wrong

April 20, 2017

I encouraged my mother to vote during the 2008 Constituent Assembly election. I convinced her that the Constituent Assembly election was historic in Nepal and it was different from earlier elections that would write the supreme law to shape the nation we live in tomorrow. Over a cup of tea with her, my mother then realized that it was her right and responsibility to vote in making her opinion count in the important issue. (more…)

Started from the bottom, now we’re here: Red Mud

December 15, 2016
“Entrepreneurs are like artists,” says Aashish Adhikari, founder of Red Mud Coffee. With another sip of coffee and an excited note of nostalgia in his voice he explains, “Behind every painting there is a story of an artist who is often not recognized, remembered and applauded. Entrepreneurs are just the same. They too have to experiment with ideas and take many left turns in life before getting a right way.” (more…)

The Fast and The Delicious

June 20, 2016
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Nobody really knows why Hot Dogs are called “Hot Dogs.” Some say it’s because of their Dachshund looks while others try linking it etymologically to German aristocrats. My favorite theory involves sausage makers being accused of using dog meat! But that was in the mid-1800s.


HR and Finance Affairs

June 13, 2016

Human Resource (HR) and Finance are different component of an organization. They are usually separated by functional silo. For instance, Finance views HR as an unnecessary cost and HR feels Finance is trying to cut down costs as much as possible. And the scenario in Nepalese organizations is no different.


Evolution of Content Marketing

January 26, 2016
When you’re watching your favorite show on TV and suddenly it breaks into commercial, how do you feel? You feel disrupted, you feel unfairly treated, you feel like you’re being forced to sit through overfeeding adverts and slogans when all you want to do is to get back to where you were. 

That’s traditional advertising.